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Tai in printing & packaging Co., Ltd.

The company is jointly established by Shanghai Anxin Packaging, Henan Lufeng Packaging, Zhejiang Xinya Packaging, Jiangsu Shanyi Packaging, and Zhejiang Dazuo Packaging. It is a company that produces and sells various series of printing and packaging products. Since each production company produces a different series of products, the established company can better have more comprehensive products that can coordinate and serve new and old customers.

Tai in packaging is developed from Shanghai Anxin . We are a printing and packaging company with a history of 30 years. Due to the increase of product line, we have added Henan Lufeng packaging, Zhejiang Xinya packaging, Zhejiang Dazuo packaging, Jiangsu jacket packaging and other factories to expand our products,Our main products include Cosmetics Boxes, Color Boxes, Corrugated Boxes, Mailer Boxes, Costume Boxes, Shipping Boxes, Brochures, Paper Bags, Gift Boxes and so on.

We have 30 years of manufacturing experience in the field of paperpackaging, committed to providing high-end, brand new design ofpackaging boxes, we have an independent product design team,canprovide customers with a complete package design scheme,as a maturefactory,quality has become our first and only standard.Our Qc systemincludes iQc, iPQc and QA and other quality management systems. At thesame time, we have advanced production equipment, including printingpress, paper cutting machine, die-cutting machine, laminating machine,high-speed gluing machine and so on. With automatic production line andsemi-automatic manual line, can meet the diversified product productionneeds. And we passed IS09001,FSC,GMl and other industry systemcertification, at the same time can provide environmentally friendlypackaging products


Shanghai Anxin

Mainly produces various color boxes, cosmetic packaging boxes and corrugated cardboard


Lufeng, Henan

has the latest five-layer corrugated cardboard production line, high-definition cardboard four-color printing machine, high-definition reel pre-printing machine, Heidelberg 6-color printing machine, automatic die-cutting machine, color box forming and pasting machine. Produce all kinds of corrugated cardboard, cartons, corrugated color boxes, etc. for packaging.

Zhejiang Xinya

The factory has 13 imported printing machines, including Heidelberg four-open five-color, five-color, six-color, and 7+1 UV nano reverse printing presses, which produce various color boxes, paper bags, and kraft paper packaging bags. Various stationery, etc.

Jiangsu Shanyi

2 3-layer E-type and F-type corrugated production lines and various downstream one-stop equipment, mainly producing cosmetic inner boxes, various colored corrugated cardboard, and paper boxes.

Zhejiang Masterpiece

Has a 5-color folio color printing machine, an automatic die-cutting machine, and 5 automatic gift box production lines. Mainly produce various gift bags and gift boxes.




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